Welcome to ESSC EATS

Welcome to ESSC EATS

Posted by Mark + Rebecca on 27th Apr 2020

If you are reading this you have one way or another made it to the ESSC EATS website - specifically the blog! Welcome. Both Rebecca and I started ESSC EATS just over 6 months ago, initially ESSC EATS was a restaurant serving out of the Eastbourne Returned Services Association (RSA). Serving all types of delicious meals such as Burgers, Bao Buns, Dumplings, Platters and more to the community of Eastbourne. We naturally gravitated toward catering, where we have been involved in a wide variety of different events... 21st Birthdays, Christmas Parties, Engagement Parties, Weddings you name it! We love every minute of it!

ESSC EATS Online was born out of necessity after our business was affected by COVID-19. This is going to be a wild new ride, but both Rebecca and I are up for the challenge. 

Rebecca has always had a passion for food and cooking came naturally to her. It is a passion of hers and she has always aspired to make it into her livelihood. Whilst I enjoy the fast passed interaction that punters bring to the hospitality industry. Ensuring customers are happy and feel welcomed when I am serving them.

We hope you love our passion and food!